The Different Flossing Tools for Whiter Teeth

Our teeth have five sides and regular brushing reaches only three of it. This is why flossing and other interdental cleaning is necessary. Failure from effective cleaning of plaque, bacteria, and food debris in between teeth can lead to gingivitis and some sort of gum disease.  Luckily, there are some different flossing tools that would make cleaning easier, more bearable, and most importantly contributes to a better oral health.

Interdental Brushes

The best flossing tool. It .reaches the deep between teeth. Its bristles sweep away plaque and bacteria from the sides of the teeth and gum surfaces. Might be time consuming as the regular string floss, a little expensive, but absolutely  easier, a less awkward process, added convenience, and pay dividends by thorough cleaning. 

Dental Floss

Now comes in varying thickness with wider “tape” floss. It has a larger surface area so it is more comfortable. A good floss gets into the very tightest of gaps. There are some modern solutions applicable. Take a piece of floss and fix firmly between two plastic arms and hold unto the flosser rather than the floss itself.

Wisdom Flosser

Much like a toothbrush with a long handle but rather has a floss head. Its long handle makes it easy to reach into the mouth, at the back, and move around. You can do the flossing in one hand. Change the floss head once used. 

Dentek Floss Picks

The floss is strong but the plastic construction is thinner and cheaper. Consist of a floss head at one end and a plastic pick on the other. This helps get larger food debris out from the teeth and mouth. 

Floss Holder

Holds a length of floss similar to floss picks. But unlike floss picks, its holder is reusable. Needs to cut a piece of floss to length and thread into the floss holder. Allows you to reach more gaps and areas of the mouth effectively.

Floss Threader

Designed to make the process of positioning the floss in the mouth more easily. Ideally suited for brace wearers, in which floss is loop through the threader that is stiffer and has enough flex to pass in between and through the brace wires. 

Power Flosser

A high tech approach of flossing, making use of a motor powered by a battery to move the floss pick in between teeth. Its floss / pick is made up of rubber that wiggles between interdental pace. The rubber flosser makes regular contact with the teeth and gum surfaces to remove debris and lift plaque, moving thousands of times per minute. 

power flosser

Water Flossers / Oral Irrigator

A decent water flosser will set you back a fair chunk of money. Provides a jet of water into the mouth to use force and motion of the liquid to remove the harmful plaque and bacteria. 

Waterpik WP-660UK Ultra Professional Water Flosser

The best all around value and performance flosser. Excellent for those with braces as you can direct powerful streams of water into the hardest to reach places. 

Philips Sonicare Airfloss

The best flossers as flossing makes effortless. A high pressure jet that uses a combination of air and water to clean out the plaque in between teeth and gums. Simple and easy to use, lightweight and well constructed and can floss your whole mouth in just 30 seconds!