About Able Farms

Jenny and Megan show off Whiskey the Duck at the St Johns Farmer's Market.

Able Farms is located on  Sauvie Island, right outside of Portland, OR.  We cultivate organically-grown produce and raise pastured poultry and pork for eggs and meat.  We are dedicated to following a permaculture model with the goal of creating an interdependent system that is as much of a closed loop as possible.  Our vision is to have the foods that feed our community coming from agricultural systems that are self-sustaining with a food justice focus.  All of our produce and fruits are pesticide free and our poultry/meat products are pastured, GMO free, and USDA certified.

We take pride in our work and are humble about our experience.  We hope to continue gaining knowledge and learning better practices for our farm. Please come visit us at the Farmer's Market or get to know us better by volunteering to spend a day in the field or coming to one of our many events and classes!

We sell our products year round and offer CSA shares.

Our History

Able Farms started in 2011 as a partnership between Megan Denton, Dan Cadmus, and Jenny Herget.  

Megan has over two decades of culinary experience and has worked as a chef in many restaurants throughout Portland.  When she and Jenny moved in together, they began experimenting with gardening and trying to raise as much of their food as possible.  Megan is the main force behind Able.  She selects the crops that will be grown for market and for our dinners, does the planting, raises and cares for the animals, and takes care of all of the many other aspects of farm life.

Dan has acted as our mentor, sharing the wisdom he has gained from over forty years of agricultural experience.  

Jenny is currently completing her Masters in Public Health.  She has currently stepped back from her role in the farm's operation, but helps out with the behind the scenes work as much as she can.

Jenny, Dan, Megan, and Tyler

Jenny, Dan, Megan, and Tyler

Where We're Going

We're currently seeking funding to expand Able Farms into a pop-up dinner series, and eventually into a small farm-driven restaurant.  Learn more about how you can help here.

Megan Denton



Contact Us

Email: ablefarmspdx@gmail.com

(503) 828-7458 // www.ablefarms.org

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