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Able Farms is located on Sauvie Island, just outside of Portland, OR.  We cultivate organically-grown produce and raise pastured poultry and pork for eggs and meat.  We are dedicated to following a permaculture model with the goal of creating an interdependent system that is as much of a closed loop as possible.  Our vision is to have the foods that feed our community coming from agricultural systems that are self-sustaining with a food justice focus.  All of our produce and fruits are pesticide free and our poultry/meat products are pastured, GMO free, and USDA certified.


We take pride in our work and are humble about our experience.  We hope to continue gaining knowledge and learning better practices for our farm. Get to know us better by volunteering to spend a day in the field or coming to one of our many events and classes!

Get Involved

We'd love to have your help!


Some possible volunteer opportunities include:

  • Working on the farm-- we can use you for a few hours or for regularly occurring shifts, doing things like taking care of the livestock, weeding, planting, or harvesting.
  • Helping at pop-up farm dinners-- set up, serving, prep work, or clean up


Please email us at to let us know your availability and what type of work you're interested in.


Jenny, Dan, and Megan (and Tyler the dog)
Able Farms, 2013
Able Farms started in 2011 as a partnership between Megan Denton, Dan Cadmus, and Jenny Herget.

Megan Denton is the force behind Able Farms.  She has over two decades of culinary experience, including working in many of Portland's farm to table restaurants.  Inspired by her passion for food, Megan set out to grow the best ingredients possible.

Since starting Able Farms, Megan has been honing her skills at raising crops and practicing animal husbandry while maintaining her connection to the culinary world by hosting pop-up dinners across Portland.  Megan enjoys partnering with other farmers, producers, and community organizers who share her commitment to sustainable agriculture.

Megan Denton
Owner, farmer, chef
Jenny Herget
Media design and outreach

Jenny Herget co-founded Able Farms with Megan, but is currently completing her Masters of Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and eagerly plotting her return to Oregon.  Though unable to get her hands dirty at the farm, Jenny shows her dedication to Able Farms by maintaining the website, creating fliers and promotional materials, updating social media, and spreading the word about the farm.

When Jenny returns to the west coast, she plans to continue in her media design and outreach role while working as a health educator in the community.

Dan Cadmus helped Megan and Jenny to establish Able Farms.  He shares his wisdom and the in-depth farm knowledge that he has gained from over forty years of working in agriculture.

He currently owns Linnton Feed & Seed and The Dekum Street Doorway, and was featured in Edible Portland as one of Portland's founding food warriors.

Dan Cadmus


Thank you for supporting your local farmer!
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