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Whole and half shares for the 2015 season are available now.  If you would like to receive a monthly chicken and/or weekly coffee with your share, just return to the drop down menu and also add that to your cart.


Accepting payments through Paypal is convenient for a lot of people, but they do take nearly 4% of your payment out for their fees.  If you would like to see that money go to support agriculture instead of finance, or if there is a better method of payment for you, contact us at and we can coordinate an alternative method of payment.


    Thank you!


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We host a variety of farm-to-table pop-up dinners on the farm and throughout Portland, as well as a variety of agriculture and animal husbandry classes, and art events. Please check back regularly for updates, or follow us on facebook or twitter.



Head farmer and chef, Megan Denton, is also available to hire for catering events or farm-themed dinners. For more information contact her at

Thank you for supporting your local farmer!
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